Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy Baby

Caleb loves the camera. He is a easy going baby but lately he has shown a little temper. Especially when he is tired,bored or very hungry. Jon and I were eating popcorn the other night. Jon told Caleb about popcorn and when he said the word "popcorn", Caleb laughed and laughed. So now when we say "popcorn" we get a good laugh from Caleb. Posted by Picasa


Kristie said...

Hey Carrie and Jon,
This picture of Caleb is SO cute. I am very happy that you have this and the xanga site. Don't ya love this stage when little things make them laugh. I always wonder what it is that makes them laugh a certain things. Miss you guys. I'm glad things are going well for you. Love ya,

Phyllis said...

Jaan's joke at that age was making a slurping noise. He would laugh and laugh at that. "Popcorn" is Caleb's joke.

rachel said...

what an amazing picture!!!
caleb is truly carrie&jon put together.
i miss you guys so much!