Thursday, August 2, 2007

37.5 weeks along

37.5 weeks. My shirt is getting a little short,just a little though,=). This little girl is active. We cannot wait to meet her. I go to the doctor on Tuesday, the 7th for my 38 week check up. I haven't been since 35 weeks and am so glad they aren't asking me to come in weekly. My doctor is laid back and in Russia they don't stress about being "overdue",so if I go past 40 weeks there is no pressure to induce. Of course,if there was a problem then the doctor would intervene. With Caleb, I was 1 day past the due date and they were already talking about inducing if I went to 41 weeks. I didn't agree with those doctors.

So this baby will come when she is ready. This week I have to finish unpacking and get the apartment organized since we now have some furniture to put things in.

Caleb and Mama. He is such a happy boy and loves to
talk about " baby sister ". He says hello to my belly every morning.
Caleb sitting on my "shelf".
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Phyllis said...

You look great! But are you sure that's not a watermelon? The long kind, sticking straight out? :-) Really, what kind of position is that baby in to give you a "shelf" like that? It looks to me like she's standing straight out from your backbone. :-)