Monday, October 22, 2007

My Mom's Blog

My mom and sister started a blog during their visit with us the month of September. It is .
It is really good. They have posted tons of photos and stories about
their time with us in Perm. My mom is still updating it with pictures
and stories from last month. If you would like to get a small picture
of our life here, please take a look. I love hearing it from her
perspective. My sister,Johanna was able to join the Saturday Kid's
Club and do a lesson and craft with them. She taught on how God made
each person special and unique. Then the children did a craft with
snowflakes. All the children loved it. I think she plans on writing
about that and posting some photos from that time.
Johanna also went on an evangelism trip up north with Jon and the
Village Ministry team for 2 days. The Village Ministry team's focus is
reaching the villages that are unreached and difficult to reach with
the Gospel. I will post our last newsletter below which has more info
about that ministry.

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