Monday, October 22, 2007

October 2007 Dulin Update

October 12,2007
Dear Friends,

Hello from Perm, Russia! It is just starting to get cold and we expect snow any day. This past summer was the warmest Carrie and I have experienced while living in Russia. August 1st, marked our 4th year anniversary being in Perm,Russia as a family. A lot has happened in 4 years, we have moved over 10 times, had 2 children, and have seen what were mere desires for ministry here become a reality. Carrie and I wanted to make this newsletter a little different and take you on a journey of the past 4 years.

Village Evangelism: One of our burning desires when we arrived was to see a ministry develop that would focus on evangelizing villages that were unreached and difficult to travel to. This desire came alive when Jon lived in Nyrob during 1999 and 2000,which is a small town north of the Perm province. Since we arrived in Perm in 2003, we have been working on reaching the Perm province with the Gospel of Christ, specifically the Cheryden region in the North. Our desire was to reach every village with one on one evangelism and give free Bibles to the entire region of 150 villages. I am very excited to say that the Village Ministry team has been to every village minus 10! We have shared the Gospel with more than a thousand people and given thousands of Bibles away. Soon we are going to dig deeper and start re-visiting every village with the intention to start home groups and lead Bible studies where we can. Now our vision has grown a little bigger. We plan to reach every unreached village in the entire Perm province with the hope to create other groups reaching out to different provinces. We appreciate your prayers for our team.

Jon and I also have worked with various ministries. We have worked with Street Kids, English clubs, orphanages, and the local Saturday Kid's Club. We appreciate all your support and prayers. You have helped make these 4 years possible. Thank you for ministering with us to the people of Russia!

DTS: Since we first arrived in 2003, we have seen the Discipleship Training School further develop. Jon and I have seen many people leave this school and live a life dedicated to reaching people for Christ. It was great to see Russian Christians sent out to several different nations in Asia. God did many great things in the lives of the students this past DTS. They were able to reach people and be witnesses for Jesus not only within the church but also on the streets. It was so amazing to see them boldly explain the Gospel on the streets and lead several people to the Lord. I remember the excitement in two of our students' faces when they came back from a home in a village. They told how it was the first time they had ever presented the Gospel to someone that had never heard it. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for the next school in January 2008. Jon is currently working on the administrative aspects of the school.

Gateway Project: I (Jon) have been asked to be involved in the "Gateway Project" this December. The YWAM Russia National team which is led by our base director,Andy is traveling to a city called Blagoveshchensk (a far eastern Russian city located on the border of China). The purpose of this trip is to help future Russian missionaries and outreach teams who are planning to work in China. We are planning on meeting with a few key Russian ministry leaders in Blagoveshchensk as well as in China. I believe that there will be long lasting fruit from this scouting trip. We will find out all the information necessary in order to help teams in the future serve this part of the world. We should have 4 teams this year from various parts of Russia/Ukraine coming to the same place. We are hoping to adopt these areas and become long-term partners in reaching the lost. If you would prayerfully consider helping me out with the cost of this trip it would be greatly appreciated. The total expense is 1,200 dollars. It is a 6 day train ride just to get there so we are looking into flights in order to save time.

Visas: In November, our family has to leave the country in order to get new Russian visas. If you ask me what one of the hardest parts of living in Russia is....I would have to say getting visas. It is hard to travel with 2 little ones plus it is our largest expense. This coming January, our family plans to apply for 3 year temporary residency/ green card . If we are able to get this then we will no longer need Russian one year visas or leave the country for registration every six months. The only visa we will need is when exiting the country. They changed some laws recently making it easier to get this in Perm. Many of the foreign families with children are going this direction to save money. As a family we have to leave the country every 6 months for registration plus leave the country yearly for visas. This gets quite expensive. Please pray we can start the process in January. Currently, we still have to go and get new visas next month. Carrie and I are still trying to find out all the information on what the exact prices are for this. We are looking for the cheapest option. Our concern is that the cheapest way of renewing a visa is going to be around 3,000 including 4 Russian visas,travel and accommodation. Please keep us in your prayers.

I assume everyone has received our update that the baby was born. Abigail Treva Dulin was born in Perm, on August 23, 2007 weighing 9 lbs. 1 oz and 21.5 inches long. Everything went well and she is very healthy. Caleb really loves his little sister. I think he has finally realized she is here to stay. If you made it down all the way to the end thanks for reading!!

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