Sunday, October 21, 2007


I finally got a good,clear picture of Abigail smiling! Caleb loves to
cross his arms like Granna, although he calls her "Mom" since that is
what I call her. He is very observant and has noticed several
characters in the books we read crossing their arms. Then he crosses
his arms and says, "Mom". It is too cute.

Lately, when we talk through the computer to our families, Caleb asks
them to pick him up. It is cute and very sad at the same time. I
think the hardest part about living overseas now that we have children
is the fact that Caleb and Abigail cannot spend time with our families
and get to know their grandparents , aunts and uncles. I am grateful
we can talk through the computer so Caleb can hear their voices.
Everyday he mentions a name from people in our family and asks about
them. He asks Jon and I ,"Where is ....?" We tell him they are in
America and we are in Russia. He says ," No,they are outside."
Outside is where anyone is if he cannot see them. He can identify
everyone by name in our photos. This will help him adjust whenever we
go back to visit.

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Mom said...

What a big smile! I'm sure you'll get more and more photos of Abigail smiling from now on.
It tickles me how Caleb crosses his arms now! Calling me "Mom" is cute.
Now I know why new parents start calling THEIR parents by grandparent names. I know I refer to my mother as Grandma when I am talking to you kids.
Keep the photos and comments coming!