Thursday, November 1, 2007


Jon's parents sent a package. Caleb is wearing the warm fleece pants that Grandma Dulin made. She also made a matching pair for Abigail.

Putting stickers on his new pants while singing.

Abigail ,

"talking" to Granddad and Grandma Dulin.



Anna said...

Cuteness, indeed!! I love the green pants. Carrie, I think I've figured out why no one ever comments. They are getting your entries via e-mail. so they see them and think they are cute, but just a standard e-mail. But to make a comment, you have to click on your site and they're probably not thinking about that.

Mom said...

Anna could be right.
What cute pictures! Reminds me of being there and I wish I was. It is so fun to see Caleb helping prepare the food again.