Friday, November 9, 2007

Visa Update

November 8,2007

Hello Everyone,

Carrie and I want to give you an update about our visas. When we last
wrote, we were confused about where we would be allowed to renew our
visas because of the new Russian visa laws which affect anyone with a
1 year multi entry visa. We have called several Russian Embassies in
Eastern Europe, and they still do visa processing for American
citizens. We are planning on getting new religious worker visas in
Riga, Latvia. Because of another new law, now the quickest you can
process your visa is 10 business days. Please pray for our family as
we travel with Caleb and Abigail. It takes 2 days by train to get to
Riga, and we need to switch trains in Moscow. We just received
Abigail's exit visa so now we can leave the country next week. We plan
to return to Perm the first week of December. The exit visa says we
have to be out of the country by November 16th even though our visas
are valid until the 25th. We are planning on asking the OVIR, the
Migration Control office, if we can extend the exit visa until the
18th. I think they will allow this, but please pray that we will be
given favor, and can change the day to the 18th. Crossing the border
the 18th will save some time and money since we cannot turn in our
visa documents in Riga until Monday, the 19th.

Temporary Residency: Carrie and I now have all the necessary
information on how to apply for temporary residency here in Perm. We
are beginning to order the documents needed. Our main prayer need is
for a Russian sponsor who will allow our family to be registered in
their home for three years. That is the most important step in
applying. Please also pray that the local government office will
accept our documents when submit them in January. We will apply for
residency status mid-January when the new quota is available. As we
find out more information we will keep you informed.

Thank you again for your prayers,encouragement,support and emails.
Carrie and I appreciate you.

In Christ,

Jonathan,Carrie,Caleb and Abigail

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