Sunday, November 18, 2007

We have not disappeared,=)

I have a lot to update on and lots of pictures to post from the past week,but will have to do that later.

Jon,Caleb,Abigail and I made it safely to Riga,Latvia this morning. A local YWAMer, Dave met us at the train station and we walked several blocks to where we will be staying this week. Jon and I are very grateful that Dave found us a place to stay. A young Latvian man named Jaanis met us at the bottom of the apartment building. The apartment belongs to him and his mom who is out of the country. He is very friendly and speaks Latvian,Russian and English. We were very tired and Abigail and I tried to rest while Jon went to find some food for lunch. Caleb decided he was too tired to rest so he rode around the apartment on a little riding toy that belongs to Jaanis'es niece.

The plan is to drop off our documents at the Russian Consulate tomorrow morning. We would appreciate your prayers that all will go well. The fastest visa process will be 10 business days.

I will try to get our computer connected to the internet so we can post photos. After we arrived in Moscow on Saturday, we had a 8 hour wait until the train to Riga. Our friends, Will and Phyllis worked it out with a friend so we could meet at her place to visit. I have some cute photos of our children together.


Mom said...

I am so thankful you made it safely to Riga and am praying for your stay there. Hope you have a restful time. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!



Phyllis said...

I'm glad to hear you made it safely. Can't wait to see the photos! Ours are stuck in our camera, because I left the camera cord at home. We'll share them eventually, of course.