Sunday, January 27, 2008

DTS ( Discipleship Training School)

I wanted to write a little about the DTS. The missionary training school started January 14 in Perm,Russia at the YWAM training center otherwise known as "the base". We just finished the 2nd week of lectures. Jon is leading this school along with a great bunch of staff (7)from Russia,U.S.A. , Ukraine and Australia. I help as I can and bring Caleb and Abigail to the base to spend time with the students at lunch time and other planned activities. There are 14 students in the school. It is so exciting to see Russians, Ukrainians, Americans and Moldavians working together towards a common goal, to know God and make Him known to the nations! Next week the students are having lectures about a lifestyle of generosity and how we should view wealth and mercy ministries.

Jon and Avgust who are on the Village Evangelism team along with 5 students just returned early this morning from a trip to several villages 7 hours north of Perm. It was so encouraging to hear from Jon about the responses. Villagers were inviting them into their homes for tea and were very interested in hearing the Gospel. On previous trips, sometimes the team only got invited to a couple of homes but this time many doors were opened.

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