Friday, January 11, 2008

In Process, Praise the Lord!

Thank you so much for your prayers today as Carrie and I went to the Immigration office. We were 6th in line this morning at 8:30am. The line had already started before they opened at 9am. We along with Andy and Rachel,the directors of YWAM Perm and our friend Katya were in line for over 4 hours. When we finally got in the lady was upset with us because we were waiting in line with Abigail. She said if she had known we were waiting there with a child she would have processed our applications first. Basically, we have submitted our documents, praise God! The region of Perm that we are registered in has a 200 person quota. The lady is submitting our names under that quota! Again, praise God! For the city as a whole the total is 1,500.
This is still just the beginning but a large step forward. We have 2 months for them to process our documents and during this time we can still give them any additional documents as needed. The lady seemed confident that we should get and answer within 2 months but generally it takes 6 months. Their accepting our documents and putting our names towards the quota does not necessarily mean we will be approved for temporary residence it simply means we are accepted for consideration. Thank you for your continued prayers! The lady at the immigration office said we were the first Americans she has every seen applying for this. Please continue to pray!

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