Thursday, January 10, 2008

Temporary Residency and Apostille Update

Dear Family and Friends,

This Friday,January 11th at 9am Perm time (EST- Thursday night, 11pm), Carrie and I are going to the Immigration office to submit our documents to apply for temporary residency. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and they accept our documents for consideration. Please pray for God's favor and that the lady will be helpful. These documents plus the added cost of shipping has been a huge expense the last 2 months. Carrie and I appreciate your generosity and prayers. The process of obtaining all the needed documents has been a battle and your prayers and sacrificial giving has made it all possible.

Please also pray for the other members of our team here as they also submit their documents. If the Immigration Office accepts our applications and documents we will have to wait up to 6 months for the answer of acceptance or rejection.

Apostille: Thank you for praying. We found out more information on how to get an Apostille for Abigail's Consular Report of Birth Abroad. Carrie's mom was able to get in contact with a person from the Passport office at the U.S. Department of State and found out how to get an apostille on consular birth abroad reports. The bad news is that it takes 4-8 weeks to process. I found out that the Russian office in Perm cannot change the spelling of Abigail's name quickly but that it too would take over 4 weeks.

The good news is that once our big pile of documents is excepted , we have around 2 months for the Russian Immigration Office to review the papers and ask for any additional documents if needed. By then we should have Abigail's document apostilled.

Thank you again so much for your prayers,support and emails.We are blessed by your encouragement.

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