Monday, March 24, 2008

Hanging out

Beginning of March

This is the way we brush our teeth-Abigail's teeth

Abigail's first tooth poked through a couple of weeks ago and her second tooth came through on Sunday.

Caleb loves helping Abigail do things.

Hello again

Greetings from Central Asia. Our family arrived here on March 2nd. For safety purposes, I will not name the city or country we are in. (that info is in our last newsletter)We have had limited internet access since arriving until a couple of days ago.

A missionary family is away for spring break and offered us their apartment for 3 weeks. Jon and I are very grateful for their hospitality. Our family had been staying at the missionary training center in one room since we arrived so it is nice to spread out a little. We were able to meet with some leaders here and got aquainted with the local Discipleship Training School students and staff.

Jon has been preparing for the DTS from Perm,Russia and finding out information about getting visas to the various outreach locations. The students and staff will be dividing into 3 outreach teams each going to a different country. Since there are several more weeks of lectures we needed to find a home where the DTS could live and finish the lecture phase. Through contacts at the training center, we found a home large enough to sleep 22 people, not comfortably but it works for a short amount of time. Half of our team arrived on Thursday and the other half arrives this Wednesday.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for Jon. He has a lot on his shoulders as the leader and being in a new city adds more as he has to help orientate the DTS students and staff.
I was sick with the flu this weekend and still have a nagging headache. Abigail was sick with a cold but is better now.
Jon is teaching next week on the Inductive Bible study method while incorporating Biblical Worldview. Jon is also doing Bible history. Please pray that he stays healthy and the lectures go well.

I hope to post as many pictures as possible while we have internet access. I know the grandparents especially miss seeing the children.

Sunday, March 23, 2008