Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Abigail's first word or second

Yesterday, when I was telling a friend goodbye and unlocking our door, Abigail waved like usual and said,"Paka", bye in Russian, clearly. Our friend,Katya was so happy to hear Abigail talk.
I am not sure if "Mama" counts as her first word or not. She has been saying ,"Mama",since she was 6 months old when she would see me.


kelly said...

HOw great you all are in Perm. I wish I would have found you all while we were there in Dec of 06 my husband and I stayed the whole month of Dec living in the Ameraks(sp) hotel. OUr daughter is from Berizniki, but we heard her orphanage was closed due to some sinking mines in the area? We hope to one day visit Perm with her.I cant wait to one day go back. I so wish we would have taken more pictures and seen/done more while we were there but at the time all we wanted was to get custody of her.

God's Girl said...

We, too, adopted a beautiful girl from Russia. We are now in the process of adopting again.

Your children are great!

All for Jesus,