Monday, July 14, 2008

First Step

Abigail took her first step on Sunday. She has been able to stand on her own for 5 seconds or more for a couple weeks now but yesterday actually took a step towards Jon. Of course, she would rather speed crawl to keep up with Caleb.

They play so well together. It is fun to watch them interact. Caleb is very protective of Abigail when they are around other children. He makes sure her toy is not stolen. What a good brother.

She is funny. Since she goes to bed after Caleb, she tries to sneak into his room and open the door. One time she made it all the way to his mattress. Thankfully, I stopped her before she climbed onto Caleb. She was so excited to see him!

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Anonymous said...

How fun to hear about Abigail walking, and her protective big brother! I love it!