Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Temporary Residency News

Carrie and I are happy to report that our family's temporary residency permits were approved today! This means that we can stay for three years without needing to leave the country as in the past! We look forward to another three years of life and ministry here in Russia! We want to thank all of you who faithfully prayed for this need. Praise God for this answer to prayer!

We went to the Central Migration Control office this morning where the head of immigration stamped our passports with a 3 year permit. But we still have a couple more things to fulfill before the process is complete....

More details:
Now,we have 7 days to get fingerprinted with the local police, pay 80 dollars to register and register at our local immigration office with our Russian sponsor who has allowed us to be registered in their home for 3 years.
We had not been able to get in touch with our sponsor since arriving back in Perm a month ago. Thank the Lord that we were able to reach him today. This is the key part in getting our residency. Our sponsor informed us that he is leaving on Thursday for vacation to Turkey and would be gone for a month. God has perfect timing!

Thank you again for all your prayers,financial support and encouragement!
On Tuesday, we are going with him to the immigration office in order to register us for the 3 years. The office just wants to make sure that our sponsor still agrees to have us registered in his home.

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