Monday, April 13, 2009

Christ is Risen! Христос воскресe!

He is risen,indeed! Воистину воскресе!

Happy Resurrection Day! Here in Russia,Easter Sunday is not until this coming Sunday.

Yesterday,since Jon was sick, we had our own family church.
Caleb loves when we have family church. Jon and I read from a children's book of Bible stories about Palm Sunday, the Last Supper and Calvary. Caleb was interested and Abigail sat there trying to take all the books. When we spoke about Jesus dying, Caleb was quick to say that He is alive now.

Caleb amazes me with his comments and memory. He is my little helper and tells me everyday on his own that he loves us, his baby sister, Abigail and God. Abigail lights up when Jon comes home from work,he can barely get his coat and shoes off fast enough for her to be picked up.

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