Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some July photos,youth camp and kids

 David in his Superman outfit. It used to be Caleb's. It was a big hit at the youth camp.
 Jonathan teaching youth at the King Kid's mission camp in Izhevsk,Russia.
 The youth and staff of the missions camp. Jon,Caleb,Abi and David are in it.
 Caleb,Abi and their friend Morgan playing in the dirt at the camp.
 David made friends with the youth and was constantly being passed around. He even had his own photo shoot with one teenager.
 Abigail enjoying the slide. It was so wonderful for our family to be out in nature and away from the city for a week. The kids and I had fun outside while Jon taught and was involved with the camp.
Caleb and Abigail with Galya and Anya, two camp staff girls from the local church in Izhevsk.

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