Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Prayer request

Sunday, November 6.

Jonathan is on his way to Vladivostok,Far East Russia to teach on Biblical Worldview in the Discipleship training missions school for a week.
He arrived safely in Moscow and now has a 7 hour layover and then a 9 hour flight to Vladivostok.

Please pray for safe travels for Jon and for me and the kids at home. It is really cold ( up to negative 10 F with the wind) so most likely we will be inside for the next 8 days.
Please pray for extra grace for me =),thanks. David has a cold as well.

Jon returns to Perm next Sunday night late and the next morning is teaching in the School of Biblical Studies,Monday- Friday, as well as his regular leader duties,etc.
Please pray for health and stamina and that he can have some rest after this. Thank you!